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We’re pleased to welcome you to Stormie’s website. Please take a look at the Prayer Community. It’s a great site where you can be prayed for and you can pray for other believers.

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  • reply wendel ,

    Good day.
    My name is Wendel and reside in Brazil.
    I come here with a lot of joy in God bless me and be able to meet her .
    I wish I could have your attention and perhaps teach in my life. I know it’s hard to pay attention after becoming important person because the line of work .
    I’m living a situation which I think has ever happened and I prayed as taught me the book The husband’s power Ora.
    If you are unable to give me attention and know my story and also turn out to be one more person to pray to God for my marriage . At least answer . thank you . God bless you tremendously.

    • reply Suzie ,

      Hello to all in Stormie Team
      This may seem really stupid but I would love if Stormie would consider writing a power of prayer book for adult children (me) praying for my unsaved parents. Im sure you could come with a better title. I get so stuck praying for my parents as they so resistant and can be quite hurtful towards me regarding my faith (which I know I have to see past what they say!). I have been wanting to ask Stormie (not personally or in person, about a book like this for ages. Many thanks for your time. Love and prayers. I thank God for this amazing ministry.

      • reply MARGARET MUTHONI ,

        hello! kindly i need your prayer for our family especially remembering my mum who is diabetic, and all kinds of growths to disappear in our family and to have no effect in our health

        • reply Edward kaunda ,

          Stormie should really consider writing some little personal blogs like maybe 200 word prose on some random on-the-road experiences or ordinary family and ministry experiences. I came to the site to learn a little about her or maybe catch a little of her everyday vibe but alas! I think the blog part is important so that we can get her Not-the-Lord-but-i…. connection. God bless the Stormie team and God bless these great and States of the Union!!!!

          • reply Rízia ,

            The peace of the Lord is my name Rízia I live in Brazil.
            I’ve already bought a book from you (30 days to become a woman of Prayer). After reading this book, I’m interested in all the other books in which you comment at the end, I intend to have others by the time I see you You have been exhorted by God to do his word for all the earth.
            May God keep using you ..

            • reply Roy Mathew ,

              • reply Karen ,

                Hi there,
                I have ‘the power of the praying life’ study guide and I have ordered ten books for a small group I lead. I have found it really difficult finding some more study books. Did you decide to stop printing the study guide?
                God bless, Karen

                • reply Suzy Martinez ,

                  Hi Karen, The Power of a Praying Life was discontinued in 2012 and unfortunately, we have no study guides left. Perhaps there are some available on amazon or ebay.

                • reply Shonda ,

                  I just want to tell you that your books on prayer have been such a blessing and help to me. I have several different ones, and have purchased a number of them as gifts for others. Only time and eternity will show just what your books have accomplished. God Bless You Richly!

                  • reply Suzy Martinez ,

                    Shonda –
                    Thank you. Stormie will be greatly encouraged by your kind words.
                    – Stormie Team

                  • reply Dorena ,

                    Just wanted to say how muvh i enjoy your book a praying wife. It has been a big help in my life. Recently survived my husband having mutliole affairs and just finding out about it in the past 5 months, he is home and we are working on restoring out marriage. We are back in church and i pray more for my husband than i have prayed in my life. Thank you for writing your book.

                    • reply Cybil Brown ,

                      You ever consider writing prayers for the workplace and supervisors?

                      • reply Suzy Martinez ,

                        Hi Cybil, Stormie doesn’t currently have any plans to write about that subject but it is a good idea for a topic. Thank you for your suggestion. – The Stormie Team

                      • reply Heather ,

                        Hi , I wasn’t sure how to get in touch with Stormie but if the Lord allows it , hopefully our paths will meet. can you please pass along a message that I have just finished her novel Stormie” And it has been a Tremendous blessing.

                        • reply Joey ,

                          Please make a power of a praying husband (addiction edition) Me and my wife have been struggling with addiction. During her pregnancy, we used drugs still attempting to quit during the pregnancy fighting off and on. I went to jail and she was homeless half way though the pregnancy. 28days later I was release from jail and picked her up and we lived in our car. Shortly after, she went to jail for three months and on the day of the birth of our son Ezra she was released. On that day CPS took our son cuz we did not have a home or family to take him, he is now with foster parents and we are clean in rehab trying to fight for our son. Pray for our son Ezra!

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