I prayed for this

Prayed for 5 times.

Lynn Chambers

Plz pray: Sabrina P. She described pain “glass cutting into her intestines” needs healing to root cause,

Plz pray for financial provision, solutions, blessings for Marcia, her 102 year old Mom to remain under the care she has, Marcia needs healing and restoration, she described herself as weary, or depressed, sleeps, no motivation, she pays $8,000 a month to keep her Mom.

Plz pray Zoquan and Tabitha-in prison, jail, 2 different situations, need protection, salvation, Gods will

Debbie, Jimbo-job opportunity, (provision) doors to open, direction, and discipleship, mentors, Godly counselors, teachers and Godly influences.

Belle family, provision, Shawn sick, pancreatic and kidneys, needs the Lord, wife, Temperance is carrying the load, 3 children,

Mike -restored circulation in legs, feet, or plan is amputation June 10th, Shari needs prayers, wife, provision since his fall, March 6th,

Jamie, Charles C. Amy, Elaine, Donnie, Hannah- healing from grief of close immediate loved ones,

Lynn- I need revived by God, strengthened, reset, (Intercessor) the fire of God in my life, and Bruce, rededicated his life this past Easter, hunger for the Word of God, Thomas-our Grandson got saved a month ago, needs a Church to learn about God, mentors, discipleship, Godly influences, teachers, direction. Chloe, his sister needs salvation, their mom, Debbie is prodigal, needs to have an encounter with God! Salvation

Thank you

Received: May 30, 2024

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