Lord, I Want to Be Whole (Set)

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    LORD, I WANT TO BE WHOLE –  Two Piece Set

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    LORD, I WANT TO BE WHOLE –This book offers steps that helped Stormie overcome clinical depression and live a more fulfilling life.

    When Stormie Omartian was a child, her mother would lock her in a closet and say, “You are worthless, and you’ll never amount to anything.” How did a young girl who grew up in an abusive home learn to overcome her past pain to find emotional wholeness as an adult? Lord, I Want to Be Whole offers steps that helped Stormie overcome clinical depression and live a more fulfilling life. She shows readers how prayer and the encouragement of Scripture can help them come to terms with their past. She also tells how to find deliverance from spiritual oppression and negative influences, learn to receive God’s gifts and believe the good things God says about us, become aware of deceptions and misconceptions, and maintain emotional health by taking care of our bodies and being sensitive to what is happening inside us. Lord, I Want to Be Who helps those who are troubled by depression find emotional wholeness and become all God made them to be

    LORD, I WANT TO BE WHOLE WORKBOOK AND JOURNAL – This easy to use workbook is filled with interesting stories and serves as an excellent guide for either deeper personal devotion or group study.

    “When the heat is on and the battle is raging, know that as long as you are standing strong in the Lord, you won’t be shot down or burned up by your circumstances.  Think in terms of God’s power.  As long as you stand with God-and don’t give up-you win.”

    Most ministers and psychologists agree that personal change comes from within. And that change can only occur if you take a careful look at your own life and experience.  That’s certainly what Stormie Omartian discovered.  Over thirty years ago she was so depressed, she considered suicide.  Then she went through the process she described in her bestselling book, Lord, I Want to Be Whole.

    Now Stormie makes this process available to you in a personal walk to emotional well-being a walk with the truth of Scripture and the power of prayer at your side.  Throughout your journey you will be observing the lives of some familiar people in the Bible.  Many of these people had the same faults-and suffered the same problems-you do.  The way the Lord guided them will be a path for you to follow.

    Each week you will work through interactive questions and thought-provoking Scriptures that will enable you to determine who you are, what you’re doing, and where you’re going.  And then you will establish some guidelines for your future.

    “The healing and restoration I found is there for you too,” Stormie asserts.  “Whether your hurt is from scars as far back as early childhood or from this week’s untimely severing of a precious relationship, you can be whole spiritually and emotionally.”

    This easy-to-use workbook serves as an excellent guide for either personal devotions or group study.  Use it as a stand-alone Bible study or as a companion to Stormie’s book, Lord, I Want to Be Whole.


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