The Power of Praying Through the Bible – Book of Prayers (CASE RATE)

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    This is a gathering of prayers from the book, THE POWER OF PRAYING THROUGH THE BIBLE.
    Stormie’s books have sold millions of copies and helped people around the world access the power of prayer. In this compilation of 200 heartfelt and powerful prayers, taken directly from Stormie’s life–changing devotional, The Power of Praying Through the Bible, readers will discover God’s voice and direction from Genesis through the Old Testament and from the passionate life of Jesus and the apostles in the New Testament.
    Each prayer from Stormie brings to life the comfort, personal guidance, and power found in the Scriptures and gives the reader strength and encouragement to live each day for God. This compact volume is the perfect size to carry along in a purse or briefcase or to keep at a bedside to read at the beginning or end of each day. A wonderful gift for any believer, this is an ideal companion to the new devotional from Stormie.
    ISBN 978-0-7369-2533-4

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