10 Minutes to Powerful Prayer – Book of Prayers

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    10 Minutes to Powerful Prayer – Pocket Sized

    Stormie has written longer books on prayer, but this time she turns her hand to something a little more compact, yet just as powerful.

    “What do I do now that I am on my knees?” Stormie provides readers with 10 simple but effective steps to ignite their prayer lives. These steps can each take only a minute, or just one can be the focus of a longer, more meaningful time of prayer with God. They are flexible, personal, and helpful.

    These 10 suggestions are not part of a formula to be done by rote every morning, but rather a tool to make one of the most precious times of the day rich and rewarding. A perfect size for bedside table, purse, or pocket, 10 Minutes to Powerful Prayer will be a handy resource for those new to prayer and longtime pray-ers wanting to increase the depth in their conversations with God.

    This is a 4″ x 6″ pocket sized book.

    Excerpts: http://bit.ly/29t7UN7

    ISBN 978-0-7369-2741-3



    Shipping Note: One Priority Mail envelope will hold up to 12 copies of this pocket-sized book and/or the Books of Prayer.


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