I am a writer and I have been writing since I could hold a pencil. But I have been writing professionally since 1974. My first goal when I write is to help people come to know God and His love in a deep way and grow daily in relationship with Him. I want to show others how to find a way out of their pain, sorrow, fear, discouragement, unfulfillment, confusion, or frustration so they can become all God created them to be. I hope to inspire people to depend on God to help them establish and preserve strong family bonds and see themselves, their families, their marriages, and their relationships transformed.

I want to bring a message of hope to men and women so they can walk successfully through the challenging times, stand strong in the tough times, and move into all God has for them. I want to help children learn who God is, and how important they are to Him, how much He loves them, and how they can talk to Him in prayers, knowing He hears them. I want to help people know God better and to become prayer warriors in the spiritual battles between God and His enemy, for God’s enemy is our enemy too.