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Married Couple Gift Set ~ Personally Autographed ~
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The Power of Praying Through Fear
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Prayer Community

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(New York)

My name is Grace . I grew up in Taiwan and came to New York for my masters degree. With God\'s saving grace, I got married 2008 and will welcome our first baby in next Feb. Please pray for the baby\'s safety and health, thank you. Dear Prayer group, I do need your prayer support for my younger sister, Catherine, who is 40 years old in this year and still single. We all suffered a lot in the past 20 years in Taiwan and we had to hold onto God to survive in those difficult times in Taiwan. She needs a healthy family. She needs a loving husband. Please pray for her, thank you.

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Need prayers for my son who has adhd and aspergers do well on his standardized testing as he is repeating due to scoring low the first time.

I prayed for this

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Righteousness God help us, please pray for our peace and blessed dairy life back who's been patient with those haughty people arounds us. We've had hard time by their unfair and jealous and tricky bad mouths. We've been kind to others and blessed with good people as God knows well our hearts, but have hard time with those jealousy tricky people and evil attacks by using those dirty minds people who deny God and uncleaned minds, but had more power in this world. Please help us to be blessed in this world.

Prayer and Scripture of the Day

When I Need to Forgive and Get Free of the Past

Lord, I pray that You will help me to show mercy to others just as You have shown mercy to me. Help me to not be judgmental and condemning of other people, but rather enable me to choose the way of acceptance and forgiveness. I want to forgive others so that I can receive full forgiveness from You and release for my own sins. I pray that You would help other people to forgive me for things I have done toward them, whether unintentionally or not. Give me the ability to make things right with people quickly and completely.

Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.
Romans 4:7

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THANKSGIVING DAY PRAYER Lord, Thanksgiving is such a special time of year when all of us who have a heart to do so, give thanks to You for every blessing we can think of. We have much to be thankful for..

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