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The Power of Prayer to Enrich Your Marriage (Paperback)

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It’s Never Too Soon or Too Late to Pray for Your Marriage.


In The Power of Prayer to Enrich Your Marriage, Stormie shows husbands and wives how to pray with urgency and power for God’s protection against the 14 most common marital problems that can lead to distrust, dissatisfaction, and sometimes even divorce.

Whether you want guidance to help you avoid common pitfalls or you need healing and restoration from struggles you’ve already faced, you can partner with God to strengthen your relationship. This book will help you…

  • prevent and pray through the challenges that may arise in your marriage

  • lift your requests for good communication, forgiveness, wisdom, and much more to the Lord

  • experience heartfelt peace knowing that no obstacle in your relationship is too great for God

The Power of Prayer to Enrich Your Marriage also provides you with Bible verses that will speak truth to your heart about your relationship with your spouse and God, and personal prayers you can use to ensure your marriage lasts a lifetime.


This book was previously published as The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage, now with extensive revisions and new material.

Paperback  272 pages     5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

ISBN  978-0-7369-8241-2

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