OUT OF DARKNESS – Stormie’s Autobiography in hardback

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    My Story of Finding True Light and Liberation


    Dear Reader,

    For the first thirty years of my life I believed no one had more emotional scars than I did. I know now that I was not alone. After I began writing books and went public with my personal story, people came out of the hidden places of their soul with similar stories of their own to tell me. All were heartbreaking. Some were horrifying. In fact, many stories were so shocking that it was difficult to even think about them. I had no idea that these suffering people even existed, let alone how great in number they were. I mistakenly thought I must be the only one.

    You may wonder, how I did not know about the countless people who have suffered emotional brokenness due to things that happened to them, or mistakes they had made. It’s because at that time these kinds of negative experiences were not talked about. There were kept secret in the unfortunate tradition of feeling that people might not believe you, or they would blame you instead of your circumstances, or judge you for your suspected part in the situation. We were in the dark ages back then about emotional suffering. And we are not quite yet in the age of enlightenment about this, but it is far better now than it was.

    Emotional damage doesn’t all happen in childhood. People can experience a wonderful childhood and still be scarred later in life by abusive people who inflict their own brand of cruelty on them, or by their own bad decisions, or tragedies of one kind or another. Whatever the reason, people need to be brought out of the darkness of their life.

    This is the story of my struggle to overcome the emotional damage of abuse in my childhood and the heartbreak of being a potential child-abuser. But you don’t have to experience any of these things in order to relate to the miraculous restoration that I experienced. No matter what pain, disappointment, or situation has placed you in a dark place in your life, there is a way to come into the light of healing and restoration.

    It has never been my intention to blame anyone for what happened in my past. It’s too easy to point out someone else’s faults, since we all have them. And because no parent is perfect, it is cruel and unfair to hold them forever accountable for mistakes they have made. We have to let it go and take responsibility for our lives now. We have to move on. It is my goal to point you, the reader, toward the source of all restoration and wholeness.

    This is a true story, but some of the names have been changed to protect the privacy of those people. When that occurs, following the first mention of that name, it will be followed by an asterisk.*

    I wrote about some of the things that happened during the first thirty-five years of my life in a book called STORMIE that was published in 1986. I began the story at the major turning point in my life which started my climb out of darkness. I have decided to again start at that point of deep darkness I was living in, in order to fully explain what drove me to the point of recognizing my condition and finding help. The facts are what they are and I cannot leave them out, since they are crucial to the rest of the story. The following thirty-seven years after that point to the present day, is all new, much of which I have not spoken about publicly before. But I feel the entire story should be told in order to prove that once you recognize the darkness for what is it, it is possible to walk out of it and in to the light for the rest of your life.

    This book is about my life, but it is not so much about me as it is about living in darkness and finding true light. We have all been there in one way or another. Because of the overwhelming number of people who experienced similar or far worse emotional hurt than I did, and because so many have given up hope of ever being healed. I am telling my story so that they, too, can find a way out of the darkness of their past and onto the path of healing and wholeness that awaits them. I desperately needed restoration and I found it. And not only that, I found transformation like I never dreamed possible. If I can find it, anyone who wants that can find it too.

    I have prayed continually that this book will bring the healing, liberation, restoration, transformation, and sense of high purpose God has for each one who reads it. To all who desire to receive all that, may God so bless you.

    With much love,

    Stormie Omartian



    6″ x 9″ Hardcover with Jacket.

    Excerpts: http://bit.ly/29nAD5h

    ISBN 978-0-7369-5057-2

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