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The Power of a Praying Kid (Ages 7-12)

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The Power of a Praying Kid is a fun and “kid-friendly” approach to prayer for a very- special audience. Written with young hearts in mind, this short, easy-to-read book for 7 to 12-year-olds helps children learn to talk to God in a way that is meaningful and relational.

Interactive call-outs, sample prayers, and places to record their own words to God are sprinkled throughout the pages. Moms and Dads as well as children will love the message of this book for growing-up kids. God wants to hear from them and He listens to their prayers.

This book explains the power of a young person’s prayers, how prayer works, and why prayer is important. The Power of a Praying Kid teaches children how to positively affect their own lives as well as the lives and situations of people around them in prayer. It includes the prayers, comments, and concerns of other children their age.




ISBN 978-0-7369-6603-0

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