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The Power of a Praying Teen (Ages 13-19)

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Along with Scripture verses and true stories of teens in action, The Power of a Praying Teen addresses key issues young people face, including:

  • purity

  • peer pressure

  • insecurity

  • body/self–image

  • friendships

Each segment of the book concludes with a prayer teens can follow or use as a model for their own prayers. Easy–to–access chapters focus on what it means to be maturing in all areas of life, including talking to God in prayer.

Young men and women just on the cusp of growing up will find the compassion, help, direction, strength, and stability that comes with knowing and hearing from God in The Power of a Praying Teen.

This book explains the power of a young person’s prayer, how prayer works, and why prayer is important. The Power of a Praying Teen teaches teens how to positively affect their own lives as well as the lives and situation of people around them in prayer. It includes the prayers, comments, and concerns of other teenagers.



ISBN 978-0-7369-0190-1

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