**Audio Book** The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children

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    Stormie narrates this important follow–up to her book The Power of a Praying Parent (over 1.7 million sold) that addresses the prayer concerns parents have for their grown children. This 5–CD audiobook connects readers with stories from other parents, Stormie’s personal insight, and heartfelt prayers as they learn to pray all the power of God’s Word over their beloved adult children and their

    • future and purpose

    • faith and prayer life

    • parenting skills

    • trials and areas of struggle

    • mental, physical, and emotional wellness

    The power of prayer transforms the lives of those praying and the lives of those being prayed for. As parents listen to Stormie express her experience and her heart, they will be inspired to rest in God’s faithfulness and to turn over the care and future of their grown child to His hands.


    * Please note: This audio is an abridged version of the original book. It is 210 minutes in length. This audio book does not include one additional chapter Stormie added in the latest edition of the book.



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