What Happens When I Talk to God?

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    Combining her passion for prayer with her love for little ones, Stormie teams with talented illustrator Shari Warren to share an important message: “It’s never too early to teach a child to pray.”

    Stormie encourages children to develop the life–changing practices of talking to God every day and explains prayer in easy–to–understand ways. With examples taken directly from the lives of young boys and girls, she helps kids get to know God, thank Him for His love and care, and ask for His help in the good and the difficult times. Stormie also touches upon the benefits of forgiving others and the power of praying with others. She tells children how much God loves them and wants them to get to know Him. She assures children that their prayers do make a difference, because they are so important to God.

    Bright, contemporary watercolors depicting a broad spectrum of children cleverly illustrate the text to present a beautiful and heartwarming picture of growing closer to God in prayer.

    Stormie says, “I love Shari Warren’s art in this book. It is so adorable and perfect and it always makes me smile.

    For children ages 3 to 7.

    This is a 9″ square hardback book.

    ISBN 978-0-7369-2314-9

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